About Us

Trigger Direct

A Digital Direct Marketing Agency

We help our clients win new customers and retain their current customers using the secret marketing ingredient of Time… Targeting the Right People with the Right Message at precisely the Right Time. Using our event triggered marketing approach our clients experience increasing response, decreasing expenses and Wow! results.

Forward Thinking

When you market at Just the Right Time, you’ll remove virtually all of the waste from your direct marketing campaign. You’ll only target prospects that are “in market” Right Now and about to spend big money on your product/service category today. This is what event triggered marketing is all about. You’ll actually spend less money, cut down less trees and get better results.  Real ROI. And ethical direct marketing. Imagine that…

Problem Solvers

We’ll help you identify the “triggers” that precede major purchases… these LifeStage Marketing events… and then launch targeted marketing messages that generate response. Event triggered marketing is reliant on life events. When the certain life events happen, people are more responsive to certain marketing messages.

Targeted and Relevant Messages

Marketing at Just the Right Time is a completely different approach to direct marketing.  Instead of targeting markets based on geography and demographics, Trigger Direct uses event-triggered mailing lists, sending hundreds of messages rather than thousands.  The result is highly relevant direct mail/email and less waste.  Your marketing message doesn’t end up in the junk pile or the spam folder.

Our Approach

Trigger Direct follows one of the most fundamental and timeless principles in direct marketing called the 60-30-10 rule.  When implemented correctly the 60-30-10 rule will position you for greater response, less waste and tremendous ROI.This paired with our event triggered marketing approach helps to make marketing campaigns successful!

What determines your direct marketing success?

  • Your List 60% 60%
  • Offer & Message 30% 30%
  • Creative 10% 10%