However, in fact he actually made a dramatic transition to a deeply involved politician. His commitment to education was fundamental and strong. There is agreement about his achievements, as represented by But Trevelyan admits that, "owing to the portentous character of the electoral catastrophe of 1906 that claim is not always been allowed; yet Balfour had done great things on his own initiative and by his own strength of character." He has said nothing, written nothing, done nothing, which lives in the heart of his countrymen....the charming, gracious, and cultured Mr. Balfour is the most egotistical of men, and a man who would make almost any sacrifice to remain in office.Balfour's air of detachment was a pose.

In July 1902, he succeeded his uncle as Prime Minister.

Von 1878 bis 1880 war er Privatsekretär seines Onkels Lord Salisbury, den er unter anderem 1878 zum Berliner Kongress begleitete. He also maintained cordial relationships with Disraeli, Gladstone and other national leaders.Released from his duties as private secretary by the During the illness of Lord Salisbury in 1898, and again in Salisbury's absence abroad, Balfour was in charge of the With Lord Salisbury's resignation on 11 July 1902, Balfour succeeded him as Prime Minister, with the approval of all the Unionist party. Eugene Rasor states, "Balfour was credited and much praised from many perspectives with the success [of the 1902 education act]. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1902 to 1905This article is about the politician. Convenience, not knowledge, therefore, has been the main end to which this process has tended.After the First World War, when there was controversy over the style of headstone proposed for use on British war graves being taken on by the Balfour's reputation among historians is mixed. For all economic and social questions I gather he has an utter loathing, while the machinery of government and administration would seem to him a disagreeable irrelevance.Balfour developed a manner known to friends as the This Balfourian attitude of mind—an attitude of convinced superiority which insists in the first place on complete detachment from the enthusiasms of the human race, and in the second place on keeping the vulgar world at arm's length....To Mr. Arthur Balfour this studied attitude of aloofness has been fatal, both to his character and to his career. Most importantly, he deepened his close ties with his uncle Lord Salisbury. I doubt whether even foreign affairs interest him. He was considered a dilettante by his colleagues; regardless, Lord Salisbury gave increasingly powerful posts in his government to his nephew. Four years previously he had been the first president of the International Lawn Tennis Club of Great Britain. Biographer Sydney Zebel suggested that Belfour continued to appear an amateur or dabbler in public affairs, devoid of ambition and indifferent to policy issues. From the humblest form of nervous irritation at the one end of the scale, to the reasoning capacity of the most advanced races at the other, everything without exception (sensation, instinct, desire, volition) has been produced directly or indirectly, by natural causes acting for the most part on strictly utilitarian principles. Der wesentliche Grund dafür war die ungebrochene Loyalität, die ihm die weiterhin konservative Mehrheit der zweiten Parlamentskammer, des Im House of Commons war er von 1874 bis 1885 Abgeordneter für den Wahlkreis Von 1919 bis 1922 und noch einmal von 1925 bis 1929 saß Balfour als Eine wichtige Rolle spielte er auch beim Transformationsprozess des After her two previous serious suitors had died, Balfour is said to have declared his love for her in December 1874. He was sincere in his conservatism, mistrusting radical political and social change and believing deeply in the Union with Ireland, the Empire and the superiority of the British race....Those who dismissed him as a languid dilettante were wide of the mark. Balfour was appointed Prime Minister on 12 July 1902 while the King was recovering from his recent Balfour remained important in the party, however, and when the Unionists joined Balfour resigned as Foreign Secretary following the Lord Balfour had generally good health until 1928 and remained until then a regular tennis player. Sein Vater entstammte einer Familie der In den frühen 1880er Jahren tat Balfour sich als Mitglied des Kreises junger querdenkender Konservativer hervor, der sich um Ungeachtet dessen blieb Balfour einer der einflussreichsten Männer der britischen Politik.

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