When you took him on, no one else would even meet with him, but you saw talent in this person, and although he was completely unknown at the time, you built him into a superstar.

Your natal chart will remain the same for life, so memorize your rising sign and degree.This is a very important point to remember. Three eclipses in the Pisces-Virgo family of signs, including solar eclipses on March 8 in Pisces at 19 degrees, a solar new moon eclipse on September 1 at Virgo 9 degrees, and a lunar eclipse September 16 in Pisces. However if you go back 19 years and look at the series of eclipses that arrived that year, you may be astounded to see that all of them will be nearly identical in the family of sign, mathematical degree and precise date it arrived. You will see an eclipse works retrograde, starting with a high mathematical degree and working backward to early degrees.

As I realized this, I got goose bumps all over. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving.

The ancient astrologers always wrote that if you act under an eclipse, your plan would not work out quite the way you expected, and it will likely not be to your advantage. Your relationship may likely change quite a bit. Astrology Compatibility Wild Cards... By ScorpioLaday — July 30, 2015 9:34pm — 2 replies. If you would like to share your experiences, you are welcome to come by and add your comments. In this case, you are responding, so it is fine to act.Now let’s say instead of that example, we have another instance. I did the math and realized, much to my shock, that 19 years earlier, to the precise day, I had found out I was pregnant with her. As said above (and bears repeating), you have two charts: your solar Sun-sign chart, and your rising sign, custom chart done by the day, month, year, time, and city of birth. If after looking at it from all sides you like it, then proceed, but try to beg for just a little extra time.Keep your schedule light because urgent things often come up at eclipse time that will need your immediate attention. Cancer, Pisces and other Taurus signs may also be good pairs for relationships and friendships. An eclipse can bring the sale or purchase of a house, a move to a new home across the country, the acquisition (or loss) of a family pet, surgery, or an important health development. If you are to be affected, you may break up a relationship with a man, or see that your boss has quit and is leaving, as another example.

Eclipses demand that we forward, not backward to the way things used to be.

Always be grateful for truth.Here is another way to think about the way eclipse work: Imagine that a puzzle piece fell out of the sky into your hands. The bridge snaps just as you get to safe ground, but you realize, first, that you could have been on that bridge when it fell (but you weren’t), and more importantly, you will never again be able to walk back over to the other side.

Get expert help if necessary, or hire helpers in your own personal life if you need more hands on deck.An eclipse may bring news suddenly, but it takes weeks to understand its real meaning. The horse’s trainer told you that you would have to jump a tall stone fence ten miles down the road. Once you know, you can make appropriate plans.Realize that there is little or no chance of getting things reversed. The usual order we use for a lunar eclipse is: mother, wife, grandmother, prominent female boss, client or business associate, or female friend.This is generally the case most of the time, but occasionally these genders will swap out, and I am not sure why!Even though eclipses coincide with new and full moons, they are much stronger than a regular new or full moon.

A female friend may say she’s moving away or getting married, and you may not see her as often in the future. The only way with an eclipse is forward. Mary has worked at the same company 15 years and does her job well. Most often we are shocked or surprised by the information that comes to us, for the eclipse is one of the most dramatic tools the universe uses to get you to sit up, pay attention, and take action. That option is taken away, forever. (More about that much later.

)During an eclipse period, it is as though you will walk over a rickety old bridge.

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