Robert Browning (7 May 1812 – 12 December 1889) was an English poet and playwright whose mastery of the dramatic monologue made him one of the foremost Victorian poets.

He was made At a dinner party on 7 April 1889, at the home of Browning's friend the artist Browning's admirers have tended to temper their praise with reservations about the length and difficulty of his most ambitious poems, particularly Today Browning's critically most esteemed poems include the monologues Probably the most adulatory judgment of Browning by a modern critic comes from His work has nevertheless had many detractors, and most of his voluminous output is not widely read.

Robert Browning died on December 12, 1889 in Venice at his son’s home and was buried in the ‘Poet’s Corner’ in Westminster Abbey’ adjacent to Alfred Tennyson’s grave.The recording of his voice reciting ‘How They Brought the Good news from Ghent to Aix’ was first played in 1890 on the anniversary of his death.The ‘Browning Society’ was formed when he was still alive which a rare phenomenon was for a poet.
His poems are known for their irony, characterization, dark humour, social commentary, historical settings, and challenging vocabulary and syntax. Robert Browning was an English poet and playwright who became famous during the Victorian era for his dramatic verses in poems and plays.
His rise in popularity as a poet was due to his dramatic monologue where a character reveals his or her personal insights to a listener.

Among those whom he found consoling in that periodIn 1868, after five years work he completed and published the long blank-verse poem In the remaining years of his life Browning travelled extensively. He lived in Camberwell with his parents and sister till he got married in 1846. During the happy years from 1846 to 1861 that he spent with his wife in Florence, Italy, he did not write much. Browning's early career began promisingly, but collapsed. The first play ‘Stafford’ was performed only five times while the second play written by him was not performed at all. After Elizabeth’s death in 1861,Browning and his son returned to England.

However, after his reading of Shelley he is said to have briefly become an atheist.After the séance, Browning wrote an angry letter to In Florence, probably from early in 1853, Browning worked on the poems that eventually comprised his two-volume In 1861, Elizabeth died in Florence. He could not attend either the ‘Cambridge’ or the ‘Oxford University’ which were open to members of the ‘Church of England’ only as his parents both followed the ‘Evangelical Faith’.

He joined the ‘University College of London’ in 1828, the first year it was established,to learn Greek but discontinued his studies there after the first year.

‘Dramatis Personae’ has both a first and a second edition.His popularity shot up with the book ‘The Ring and the Book’ which he wrote in 12 volumes and published during the period November 1868 to February 1869 after coming back to England.Robert Browning received an honorary D.C.L. Robert Browning is best known for the poem ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ which was very popular among children. His works were initially regarded by the poets of the 20th century to be too obscure but eventually became highly popular. He had learntFrench, Greek, Italian and Latin fluently all by himself by the time he was fourteen years old.

This angered his grandfather who deprived his father from enjoying the family fortune made from the sugar plantation.

To get back his earlier reputation he moved away from the style of writing followed by P. B. Shelley and adopted a personal style for the series of eight pamphlets titled ‘Bells and Pomegranates’ published during 1841 to 1846.His wife Elizabeth, who was older than him by six years, was a much more popular poet when he married her. Some individually notable poems are also listed, under the volumes in which they were published. When his father was sent by his grandfather to supervise the operations of a sugar plantation in the West Indies,he was completely disgusted with the slavery being practiced at the sugar plantations and returned home after giving up the cushy job.

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