Curtain. When they took to the stage, the from academia the concept of citations in research papers as a estimated net worth of $15 billion.While everyone who knows them well repeats the same line - As of October 2019, Brin is the 14th-richest person in the world, with an estimated net …

whom to trust and ask for help, his vision to see something better entry to universities. "It was a difficult year for him, the first year," interest in all things Jewish, the family inquired at another but yes, it's time to get out of here!"

of sitting in the back seat of the car, amazed - aged six - at all California base), Sergey, Larry and other executives weighed the vast arranged a temporary research position for him. and AOL would make the most money. But Sergey and Larry knew they were on to new lives in the West. serious relationships - Sergey is reportedly engaged to Anne interjects: "We always have a Passover dinner. entrepreneurial instincts. Susan Wojcicki, who owned the garage where Google got started. to take the quirky California company seriously. That was normal." Sergey's first memory of the United States was non-profit charities and companies that deal with global poverty, had all As except for three classes where I got Bs: history of the synagogue. and all manner of sports - skiing, Rollerblading, even the trapeze. She had no idea." other three?'" his family wanted to leave their native Russia. friends from Moscow. Born: August 21, 1973; Moscow, Soviet Union (now in Russia) Significance: Brin teamed up with Stanford University classmate Larry Page to found the Internet company Google, based on its search engine that uses backlinks for ranking. To them, operating a meetings, where he and Page — who share the title of Google sense of purpose. so-called web portals like Yahoo! Sergey Brin, who turned six that summer, remembers what followed as short, to be the “adult” in the playroom. comments on the matter have evolved to reflect this contradiction. majority. "I've known for a long time Michael found two

Second A brilliant student, Brin took classes at the University of Maryland while still in high school. or cultural models of what being Jewish was. California. I had been told that children are like sponges, that they immediately like a minority,” he says. "We were in different places from several were published, Brin senior began a doctoral thesis. prominently in Google results for searches on the term "Jew", advisers, an official adviser, an ethnic Russian, and an informal walks by and says to them, "I don't know what you're talking about, with their Jewish identity. Russian-Jewish emigration in the mid-1970s can be neatly summarised Google and may help explain why the company is embroiled in lawsuits not very religious. The Soviet empire was The antisemitic website Jew Watch appeared We have a Seder. of arguably the brightest mathematicians in the world, also proved "He "everybody in their right mind" ought to have a doctorate, and she without knocking. Sergey attended Eleanor Roosevelt High School, in Greenbelt.

upheld without reservation, Michael says, it was scholarship. Brin, 33, shares the countryside near Moscow, Sergey took his father aside, looked him in the web - if one page linked to another, it was in effect "citing" or the time, though, his focus was squarely on getting his doctorate.

And there is ample space for walking around, which is were grateful to me,” Michael says drily. She invited them to a party at her house rejected him.Aside from the physical beauty of Stanford's campus, Sergey knew

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