Trust. I plan on keeping my SMR drives for the lifespan of the drives and replacing them with CMR when they fail.hybrid raid arrays perform poorly from what i've read and experiencing -- though not sure how that aplies to zfs.if the array is performing fine for you -- thenjust forget abuot it -- if you dont like the performance (specially when you hav e to rebuild) , then take those drives and make them into a backup array and buy new arrray which is CMR takes ~14 hrs to rebiuld 4TB .. when i accidentally put in a SMR drive into the array it took over 24 hrs to rebuild.If you have SOME risk tolerance you might even be able to get away without buying the spare drive and simply RMAing one disk and praying that neither of your other disks fails.What if I were to wait until one of the drives need replacing, then replace all of them at once? WD uses SMR in its 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB and 6TB Red drives and conventional recording in its 8TB, 10TB, 12TB and 14TB Red drives. WD propose deux modèles en 2,5 pouces en 750 GO ou 1 TO et des versions en 3,5 pouces de 1 à 12 TO avec une vitesse de rotation de 5400 tr/min.

I believe you're fine to wait until drives starting to fail.I'm in the same boat. Jul 16, 2014 290 51 28 44. I thought the biggest complaint against the WD RED 2,4, and 6 TB drives was that the SMR reduced the lifetime of the drive. Do you think that is a relatively safe(ish) bet?Press J to jump to the feed. Will the resilvering time be determined by replacement drive, and therefore should complete in a reasonable time if I'm adding a CMR drive?Reading from SMR is fast, writing is slow. WD RED 2 TB ran for 6 years with random writes. So I've had a raid-z1 pool setup on my home NAS for a few months now. Joined: … WD said in its statement: “In our testing of WD Red drives, we have not found RAID rebuild issues due to drive-managed SMR technology.” Alan Brown, a network manager at UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory, who alerted us to the SMR issue, “Even the people using Seagate SMR drives are reporting 10 second pauses in writes at times and those who had reasonable performance with SMR-from-start arrays have confirmed that resilvering a replacement drive in has turned out to be a major issue which they didn’t fully appreciate until they actually tried it.” I use 3x 6TB Western Digital Red drives (the SMR ones), which have been working perfectly fine.With the recent discovery that these WD Red drives are actually SMR drives, and lots of people are no longer recommending them for use with ZFS, it got me worried.Ideally, I don't want to buy 3 new drives, so I was just wondering, am I fine using the drives I have now and if a disk fails, replacing it with a CMR drive? Apr 17, 2020 at 5:26 PM #6. We see here a split product line using with each half using different disk recording technology underneath one brand. I have two Ironwolf 12TB drives and two Red 4TB (EFRX) drives in my server at present. With the recent discovery that these WD Red drives are actually SMR drives, and lots of people are no longer recommending them for use with ZFS, it got me worried. Nope, I haven't dug that deep, my suspicion is only that all "EFAX" WD Red drives are SMR. They dont even specify it on the spec sheet.

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