Digital Marketing Services

Make it easy for customers to find you.  Build your brand by engaging with prospects and customers.  Enhance your revenue stream with e-commerce solutions.

Search: SEO & PPC

Strategically build web content and place well-crafted ads with targeted keywords.  Be found.

Social Media Marketing

Build positive, emotional relationships through social media and online review engagement.


Create a new revenue stream by putting your product catalog online and driving customers to buy.

Search Marketing

Be Found.  Optimize Your Online Presence for Search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broad term that spans many categories all with the aim of making it easy for prospects to find you.  It’s all about production of high quality, relevant content on your company site, in online directories and in paid ads.  We’ll show you how.

Be Found by Building Content

Your search strategy starts with industry-specific keyword analysis and competitive research.  Transform targeted, high traffic keywords into rich copywriting and strategically built landing pages that attract interested prospects and generate online leads.  Consistent production of high quality, relevant, multimedia content will help you move up in the organic search rankings.

Be Found in Online Directories

Your website is not your only opportunity to be found.  Listings in Google Business, Yelp! and many industry-specific directories enhance your Search Marketing strategy giving you more ways to connect with prospects.  Often directory listings for your industry or business category rank near the top of page 1 organic results when searching for targeted keywords. 

Be Found in Targeted Search Ads

It takes time to rank near the top of organic search results.  Launch paid ads in Google and Bing to get you to the top of the list immediately.  Consider paid ads in directories like Yelp! to rank at the top of your business category.  Targeted search ads drive online lead generation by directing traffic to well-crafted landing pages with lead capture forms.

Social Media Marketing

Engage. Build Positive Emotional Relationships.

Social Media is a tool to listen to your customers, connect with them personally and tell your story.  Social Media can reinforce your brand message and do so with a humanized, personal touch.  Build your tribe.

Social Media: Listen

First you need to listen.  Pay attention to how others interact with your brand.  Understand how customers engage with products and services in your industry.  Feel the energy in the room before you start mingling.

Social Media: Engage

Wit, insight and personalization work in social settings when meeting new people.  Same rules apply in social media.  Engage.  Build a dialogue.  Grow relationships.  Humanize and personalize.

Social Media: Build Your Tribe

Grow your audience.  Increase likes and follows by putting forward quality content with relevant hashtags and keywords.  Use social media advertising to reach people outside your circle and invite them in.

Digital Marketing Services

Trigger Direct will Grow your Social Media Network so you can Focus on your Business.

While you are focusing on building, creating, selling and servicing your customers, we can take on your social media marketing initiative.  Trigger Direct provides services on-site working closely with your in-house team or remotely depending on your specific needs.  We’ll work with you to develop the strategy aligned with your company’s mission statement and unique selling proposition.  Then we help you build content that builds your celebrity and authority within your niche.

About Us

Synchronize Online with Offline

Different customers use media differently.  Don’t depend on a single marketing channel or technology.  Trigger Direct can help you align your online and offline marketing strategies into a single marketing strategy that connects with customers in the media they enjoy most.


Sell Online.  Generate Revenue.

Web Development 

Our team can help you build a website quickly and efficiently using any number of attractive and powerful WordPress themes.

Enriched Content

An ecommerce site needs quality product data and images.  Let us help you build content from scratch or synchronize data with suppliers and leverage their resources.

Simplified Shopping

Make your customer’s shopping experience simply elegant.  We will help you integrate shopping cart technology into your site, allow for promotional offers and more.


Marketing Resources & Articles

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Improving Your Response Rate with the 60-30-10 Rule

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The Secret, Response Generating Strategy of Collection Agencies

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Does your direct mail campaign work?

Does your direct mail campaign work?

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