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Grow Your Email List. Reach More Customers Through Multi-Channel Marketing.


Email append

Email Append

Using Email Append we are able to match hashed email addresses to your direct mail list. Which helps to accelerate your email marketing and take advantage of Facebook’s custom audiences or Twitter’s tailored audiences. Email Append attaches business and consumer email addresses to postal records, keeping you in touch with direct mail subscribers and boosting the size of your email list. Using our service, you can increase the size of your email list by 20-45% in a matter of days. Email addresses are important with today’s rapidly changing technologies.

Email Append helps to expand your email list and can help drive more clients to your business. By obtaining the email addresses for existing clients you are able to reach them through another medium. By emailing your clients you can easily add links to your social media pages on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This allows you to communicate with your clients through various media.

Email Appending Allows You to:

1. Enable multi-channel marketing.
2. Increase revenues with greater email reach.
3. Improve customer service and retention.
4. Reduce direct mailing costs.

How it Works:

Depending on the size of your list, you can have results in seven days. It’s simple, really. Send us the names and postal addresses (and company names for business records) of the contacts you want to reach. We match them to our database, obtain your contacts’ permission and return the results to you.

For a free email append match test click here.

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Email Append Service


The pricing of the email append services are based on the number of matches that are made.

Minimum Order: $500 per order