Expectant Mothers

Pre-Natal New Parents will soon have a child and they are planning their purchases now.

Reaching new parents before the child is born is vital as these parents have time to plan and make decisions before their life is dramatically changed by their new arrival. Expectant mothers and fathers are doing their best to prepare to bring another life into the world. The expectant parents are focused on getting everything in place for their newest family member.

Expectant Mothers and Fathers Interests

They tend to be interested in variety products for their child. During this time expectant mothers and fathers are likely to make a number of purchases in preparation for their child. In addition to baby products, they are interested in future planning to ensure that if any issues arise in the future their child will be provided for. Expectant parents are also looking out for their child’s best interests and thinking about saving for college in the future. Expectant mothers and fathers are very responsive to services and products that will better the life of their child.

Select your target lists based on age, income, ethnicity, target birth date and more. Expectant mothers and fathers are ideal for offers about baby products, life insurance and college savings plans.

Expectant Mother

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