New Divorces

They are excellent prospects for real estate, investment planning and more.
new divorces

Yes, this is an unusual list, but new divorcees are about to spend a lot of money in real estate, furniture, moving & financial services, insurance and more. With new divorces occurring each day this is a reliable list that is updated monthly. With their newfound freedom, they pursue all forms of self-improvement from weight loss programs to gym memberships to continuing education. They are open to receiving messages from your business to help them better their lives.

In addition to replenishing their households with bed, bath, and kitchen products, they seek wardrobe makeovers, new furnishings, and invigorating activities. They also enjoy new hobbies and interests like sports, travel, crafts, and reading. These prospects are looking for ways to better and enrich their lives. They now have time to work on and explore past interests that may have fallen by the wayside.

What’s the Trigger? The trigger is public records available at the County Courthouse, where the data is updated weekly.  Trigger Direct’s New Divorce data can be filtered based on Month & Year of Divorce, Geography (zip, county, SCF, state) and much more.

Trigger Direct offers a single direct mail list rental and/or mailing from the new divorces list through us, or subscribe and enjoy a system where New Divorcees are reached every week and you receive a consistent flow of new customers to your business.

List Pricing

208,431 Base Rate $0.11 each
15,247 1 month hotline + $0.02 each
53,711 3 month hotline + $0.015 each

$175 minimum.

Type:  Postal

Source:  Government Records, compiled lists

Updated: Monthly


Zip Code No Charge
City No Charge
County No Charge
State No Charge
Radius No Charge
Household Income $0.015
Age $0.015