New Empty Nesters

All of their children have left the home and they are ready to concentrate on their own needs
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New Empty Nesters have spent the past several years concentrating on their children’s wants and needs. Now that all of their children are out of the house they can start to focus on their needs and desires.

New Empty nesters are a group mature adults who wish to enrich their lives whether it be through travel, home improvement, retirement planning or one of their other interests. They have a wide variety of needs and are responsive to a wide variety of offers.

New Empty Nesters are great real estate prospects.  Many will downsize by selling their current large home and then buying a smaller home or condominium. New Empty Nesters tend to interested in traveling and other life enriching experiences. 


These are super Hot Leads for your business contact them to show how your product or offer can enrich their lives.

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Type: postal, phone, email

Source: Compiled Lists, Lifestyle Questionaries, and Direct Mail Credit Sources

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Age $0.01
Age of Children $0.01
Bank Card Holders $0.01
Dwelling Type $0.005
Gender of Child $0.01
Gender $0.005
Geography $0.005
Home Owner/Renter $0.005
Income $0.0075
Length of Residence $0.005
Lifestyle Interests $0.01
Marital Status $0.005
Mail Order Responsive and Buyers $0.01
Mortgage Information $0.01
Nielsen Codes $0.005
Phone Number $0.015
Residence of Children $0.0075
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