New Parents

They just had a baby and they need life insurance, baby products and more.
Trigger Direct New Parents List

Compiled by an army of stay-at-home mom’s clipping birth announcements from local newspapers, the Hard-to-Find New Parents database captures many more post-natal new parents that the other leading national new parent compilers can’t find. These are excellent prospects for baby products, life insurance and college savings plans.

High Response + Low Cost = Great ROI.
A New Parent campaign costs very little and is positioned for great response.  Most counties only average 500-2,000 New Parents per month so you spend very little.  And New Parents are a highly response group for the right kind of offer.

What’s the Trigger?
The trigger is the publishing of a birth announcement in a local newspaper.  This is an extraordinarily unique trigger that most data compilers do not use because of the sheer difficulty in compiling data in this manner.  Data is updated monthly.  Weekly can be made available in special circumstances. Using the data from the list you can help get these new parent through your door.

Do a single list rental or mailing with us, or subscribe and enjoy a system where New Parents are reached every week and you receive a consistent flow of new customers to your business.

Data available for postal, phone and email campaigns.  If you are interested in email, contact us for more details.

List Pricing

200,000+ Monthly Updated Postal File $0.10 each

Minimum: $175 per order (postal, phone).

Please contact us for email pricing.

Type:  Postal, email, phone

Source:  Government Records, compiled lists

Updated: Monthly


Zip Code No Charge
City No Charge
County No Charge
State No Charge
Radius No Charge
Household Income No Charge
Homeowner vs Renter No Charge
Parent Age, Child Age No Charge
Ethnicity No Charge
Phone $0.01