New Pre-Movers Mailing List

They put their home up for sale and will be moving shortly.
new premovers

Target New Homeowners BEFORE they move in.

These New Home Owners before they move, known as New Pre-Movers, are an excellent target when “move in timing” is crucial. These prospects are an excellent target for Moving Services, Storage, Satellite TV, Home Security services and Financial services as they prepare for their new home.

And they typically remain local. Per Trigger Direct’s statistical analysis, 88% of new pre-movers move within a 50 mile radius. So you know they have a very good chance of remaining in your market area.

Great care is taken with this new pre-movers list to make sure that vacant homes, bank owned homes, etc. are filtered out of the list, so you are only targeting real homeowners that are planning to move.

These are super Hot Leads for your business. Contact them to drive them to your retail store or to get your phone to ring. They’re the fuel for your sales people’s pipeline.

You’ll get names, addresses in an Excel spreadsheet. Phone numbers available safely pre-scrubbed against the National Do Not Call List.

Lead Generation for Realtors, Appliances, Furniture, and Home Services.

  • Services – 99% of new homeowners spend money on Services such as new doctors, new beauty salons, new dentist, new mechanic, new dry cleaner, etc in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Furniture – 60% of new homeowners spend money on Furniture.
  • Window Coverings – 57% of new homeowners spend money on Window Coverings in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Electronics – 52% of new homeowners spend money on Electronics in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Kitchen appliances – 40% of new homeowners spend money on Appliances in the first 30 days after buying their home.
  • Bedding/Mattress – 33% of new homeowners spend money on Bedding/Mattresses in the first 30 days after buying their home.

Source: DMA Survey of new homeowners and new movers, 2008

List Pricing

365,009 Qty = 0-4999 Records $0.25 each
84,886 Qty = 5,000 – 9,999 Records $0.20 each
12,126 Qty = 10,000+ Records $0.15 each

No Minimum Order!

Most clients will pre-pay a quantity at the listed price and then have their balance decremented weekly as leads are delivered.  When the balance goes to zero, then a new pre-pay of leads typically occurs.

Type:  Postal

Source:  Real estate for sale advertisements and other public sources.

Updated: Weekly

Additional Features:
– Updated weekly for timeliness
– Duplicate records suppressed
– New Construction suppressed
– Bank Owned Property (REO) suppressed
– Investor owned property suppressed
– Prior movers suppressed
– Delivered on Monday morning each week
– CASS certified to assure address accuracy
– National Geographic Coverage


Zip Code No Charge
City No Charge
County No Charge
State No Charge
Radius No Charge
Home Sale Price No Charge

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