Win and Retain Customers at Just the Right Time

We help our clients win new customers and retain their current customers using the secret marketing ingredient of Time… Targeting the Right People with the Right Message at precisely the Right Time. Our clients experience increasing response, decreasing expenses and Wow! results.

  • Event Triggered Lists
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Mobile Marketing Services
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Response Analytics



Getting Event Triggers from Public Records

Data from public records help to drive marketing campaigns and is available through government resources. Innovating from the public records data allows us to help our clients get the most out of their marketing investment.

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The Opposite of Spam and Junk Mail

Unsolicited messages are considered spam; spam can appear in the form of email, direct mail, and telemarketing. A message that is irrelevant to a person's needs at the time is considered spam. Trigger Direct is the exact opposite, we target people who have a need for...

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Life Stage Marketing

Life Stage Marketing is another way to describe what Trigger Direct does. It basically boils down to looking for stages in people's lives where they are apt to make big decisions. Examples being newlyweds, empty nesters, new movers, and more. These people are about to...

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Marketing at Just the Right Time

The ultimate goal of marketing is to reach the right message to their ideal audience. Trigger Direct brings the variable of time into the equation to help hone in on the correct audience. By taking time into consideration clients are able to reach the right people...

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How can we help you?

Event Triggered Lists

Event Triggered Lists

When people buy a home, have a baby, file a building permit or put their home up for sale, these are all events that will trigger buying activity.  It’s the perfect time to reach prospects to offer your help.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Tools

Build a system to automatically contact and follow up with your customers and prospects, triggered at just the right time with relevant 1-to-1 communication.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Build your own opt-in customer database of mobile phone numbers and then trigger customized offers via SMS message, including when they are near-by your location.

eMail Marketing

eMail Marketing

Reach your prospects with ethical, opt-in, compliant email lists.  Setup email marketing systems to retain your current customers and build loyalty.

Powerful Direct Mail, Direct Marketing

Direct Mail

Handwritten personalized letters and impactful postcards help you deliver your message to your target prospects.

Response Analytics

Response Analytics

Track response and clearly define & measure what works and what doesn’t, so you can put your resources where you will get the best results.

Pinpoint Targeting

Precision targeting with qualified prospect lists.  Eliminate waste.  Less is more.

At Just the Right Time

Reach your prospects when they are actively shopping for your product or service.  Right here, right now.

Maximize ROI

Small investment + high returns = Maximum Return on Investment

Reduce the Noise

Ethical marketing with relevant messages that prospects enjoy receiving.

Save the Planet

The end of junk mail & spam as we know it.

Part of your Marketing Mix

Marketing at Just the Right time complements your overall marketing strategy.