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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Trigger Direct apart from other marketing agencies?

Trust and experience.  Our clients are like family with business relationships that are often exceed 10 years.  We become an integral member of our client’s marketing team.

Why is your name Trigger Direct?

We started out as a direct marketing agency specializing in event-triggered marketing strategies.  We continue to offer a wide variety of targeted event driven mailing lists like new homeowners, new parents, new businesses, new phone connects and more.  Each of these events is a trigger that the target customer will be spending large sums of money in specific product and service categories.  As our clients’ needs have expanded and as the economy has evolved, we have grown our skills and capabilities in digital marketing and podcast marketing.

Which types of companies do you work with?

While our client list primarily offers products and services for homeowners, the types of companies we work with has more to do with the relationships we build with our clients.  We are selective in the clients we engage with.  If we don’t feel we have a good working chemistry in our initial consultations, then we will sometimes politely refer the business to other capable marketing agencies. 

How do you charge for your services?

This varies depending on the type of client engagement.  For example, when we offer products and services like lists, direct mail or email we charge on a per item or per thousand basis.  In other cases, we provide services on a flat fee basis.  We also have clients that engage with us on a consulting basis on an agreed upon hourly rate.  We are entrepreneurs, so we are happy to discuss creative relationships that offer Win-Win outcomes.