Trigger Lead Generation

Helping you generate leads and win new customers with business consulting, streaming media, digital & direct marketing.



Targeted Lists

Event-triggered lists, including lifestage marketing data and marketing funnel actions, help you target the right customers with the right offer at precisely the right time.

Lead Gen Campaigns

Combine the power of direct marketing, digital marketing, content marketing, and marketing automation to convert targeted lists and online traffic into qualified leads.

Consulting Services

Sometimes our clients find it easier to outsource their marketing department to Trigger Direct.  We work together with our client crafting the strategy and then our team executes the plan.


The Secret Strategy of Collection Agencies

How to use direct mail to generate urgency and huge response rates.   Collection agencies are relentless about generating response.  It’s their business.  They’ll send letters and call you to get you to pay.  They’ll even send Luigi to your house to re-possess...

Does your direct mail campaign work?

How to track phone calls from your direct mail campaign.   This is the $64,000 question after all, isn’t it? We get this question from most every person we talk to. And while there are many variables that determine the success of a direct marketing campaign...

Increase Response with Ethnic Marketing

Make your marketing messaging relevant to your target customer. Ethnic marketing is very important within the world of direct marketing. Direct marketing is most effective when you utilize the data that you have on a consumer to make the marketing piece more...


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