Do you have a podcast and need more listeners?  If so, this article is for you!  We will show you 27 ways to dramatically boost your podcast’s audience.  Let’s get started!


#1:  Target a Narrow Niche.

Listeners of podcasts are looking for specific topics that they are passionate about.  If you stay focused on your niche and consistently product content focused on that niche, then you will attract an audience to your platform.  Generalists generally don’t succeed in podcasting….  and yeah, Joe Rogan is the exception to the rule.


#2:  Make the Podcast About You.

In order to retain your audience, you need to build an emotional, long term relationship with them.  Share your personal story with your audience.  Share you experiences with your audience.  Weave “you” into and around the topics of your narrowly defined niche.


#3: Setup a System of Measurement.

You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.  Before you can expand your audience, you need to have a measurement system that tracks your all of your Key Performance Indicators (KPI).  At a minimum these should include:

  • # of Downloads
  • # of Views and Minutes Watched (YouTube)
  • # on Email List
  • # followers on each social media platform


#4: Make It Easy for Listeners to Find You.

Be sure to get your podcast setup on as many podcast platforms as possible.  Your podcasting host should provide a helpful method of doing this.  Also, make sure you are savvy in choosing your podcast name that uses keywords from your target niche.  Carefully select episode titles that use SEO friendly keywords that your listeners are searching for.


#5:  Share with your Personal and Professional Network.

When you launch your podcast, be sure to share your project with friends, family, customers, vendors, and others that you regularly interact with.  Podcasting depends on word-of-mouth marketing, so get started with the people that know and trust you the most.


#6:  Post Your Episodes to your Social Media Accounts.

This one is a no-brainer. When you release a podcast episode, share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  If you are highly active on these platforms, then pin your episode post to the top of your newsfeed or profile so your audience can see it right away.


#7:  Add your Podcast to your Email Signature.

Make sure you share your podcast with everyone you email.  These are people that know you, trust you and believe in you.  Add your podcast name in your email signature beside your other contact information.  This is especially important if your podcast is aligned with your business.


#8:  Do Calls to Action (CTAs) in your Podcast.

Be sure to tell your audience what you want them to do.  Tell them share your podcast.  Tell them to leave a rating and review.  Tell them to follow you on social media.  Tell them to sign up on your email list.  Tell them to go to a specific URL to get more information.


#9:  Setup a Lead Magnet to Build Your Email List.

To build your audience, you need to build your email list so you can share news about upcoming episodes and other podcast news.  To get them on your email list, give them a free and valuable informational PDF (like this blog post) in exchange for signing up.


#10:  Send Emails to Your Audience.

Send emails to your audience after each episode inviting them to listen.  Send emails about an upcoming livestream episode where they can participate.   Send emails about other news about your project.  Valuable email content helps you build loyalty.


#11:  Post a CTA on your Website to Subscribe to your Podcast.

It is important to do cross platform marketing to build your podcast audience.  On your website, tell people about your podcast and make it easy for them to subscribe.  Many podcast hosting platforms have tools that you can use on your website so people can connect and subscribe with just a click.


#12:  Be a Guest on other Podcasts.

This is a great way to be introduced to a brand-new audience.  Always be on the look out for podcasts that are aligned with your target audience.  Send those podcast hosts emails explaining how your presence on their podcast benefits them.


#13:  Seek Social Media Groups Aligned with your Audience.

The beauty of having a target niche for your podcast is that there are likely many social media groups also focused on that niche.  Get involved with those groups as a regular contributor that offers valuable information.  Don’t blast them with links to your podcast.  Be subtle.  Social Media is like a cocktail party.  Listen, add value, and engage.


#14:  Invite Social Media Group Administrators as a Guest on your Podcast.

These people have deep knowledge about your niche and can add great value for your podcast audience.  At the same time, they are likely to share the podcast episode with their circle of influence.  They become marketers for your podcast and help you build your audience.


#15:  Invite Celebrity Guests.

Invite celebrities and social media influencers as a guest on your podcast.  Doing so will help you reach their network of followers as they actively promote your episode.  At the same time, associating yourself with other celebrities lifts your own profile and helps enhance your brand.


#16:  Broadcast your Podcast on YouTube.

Expanding on to YouTube is a fantastic way to grow your audience.  The YouTube search engine (powered by Google) is extremely powerful and can help drive people to your episodes.  YouTube episodes also show up in regular Google search results.


#17:  Create a Listener Hangout Podcast Episode.

Once you are podcasting on YouTube, there are many tools available that allow your audience to participate in a discussion online.  Share your link with a selected group of listeners so they can participate in a Zoom window, ask questions, and share stories.  The more your audience participates, the greater loyalty you create.


#18:  Repurpose Your Podcast Content.

Every podcast episode can be transformed into other valuable content.  Create a transcript of your episode and with some simple edits you have a new blog post that helps drive SEO traffic.  Create short, easily digestible segments of your episode and share them in social media or in email.


#19:  Relaunch your Podcast.

Brick and Mortar businesses do this all the time with Grand Re-Openings.  Create a promotion, contest, or a seasonal theme as a way to boost your podcast’s profile to attract new listeners.  It may be a relaunching for you, but it is the first time launch for many that are experiencing you for the first time.


#20:  Create Serial Style Shows.

A 5-part series of shows related to a specific topic is a great way to easily organize content aligned with your niche.  Now you have something to package in a marketing promotion.  Organize your podcast episodes in advance and then build excitement around the series before it begins.


#21:  Paid Social Media Ads.

Run paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, etc., but don’t direct them immediately to a podcast episode.  Instead woo them.  First create a Lead Magnet that offers value to newbies to sign up on your email list.  Then build your relationship over email by continuously providing valuable content for them.  From there they can make the leap to a full podcast episode commitment. 


#22:  Paid Podcast Ads.

Running ads on other podcasts is a great way to create exposure for your show.  These listeners are already embracing the podcast medium, so it is easier to get them to sample your podcast episodes.  Be sure to give them a URL CTA (with a lead magnet) so you can get them to sign up on your email list.


#23:  Pay to Boost your Guest’s Posts.

When you have a guest make sure you are doing everything you can to reach your guest’s circle of influence.  Because social media posts are only visible to a small subset of one’s following, offer to pay your guest to boost a post that features your podcast episode.  Now you are reaching more people with your guest’s endorsement.


#24:  Become a Niche Celebrity on Social Media.

Many people are actively using social media to build a huge following and gain great influence in a target niche.  You can do that too.  Focus on one platform and commit to actively posting valuable content for your niche multiple times per day.  Build your audience in social media and then introduce them to your podcast.


#25:  Boost your Social Media Profile as a Content Curator.

Provide insight and commentary around other people’s content and share that on social media.  This will lift your profile in your target niche and expand your reach into other people’s networks.  Grow your audience in social media and from there introduce them to your podcast.


#26:  Research New Audiences.

Your core niche can often be cross tabbed with other segments to open up brand new audiences.  For example, a podcaster focused on the retirement/financial planning niche can cross tab with young professional women to create podcast content specifically of interest to this new audience.  It’s like finding overlapping circles in a Venn Diagram.


#27:  Showcase your Talent as a Public Speaker.

Transform your podcast into a live event!  As an expert in your niche, you become a great candidate as a featured speaking at events focused on your niche.  Your podcast gives you instant credibility.  Give your live audience a taste of the value you offer and then invite them to your podcast to learn more.


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