Customers will open 3D and lumpy mailers.

Promotional products, when used in conjunction with a sales letter or as incentive to respond, can make a significant difference in direct mail response rates. The use of promotional products can also significantly improve a business’ effectiveness in converting leads to sales appointments.

The following are findings from a 1992 direct mail study by Silver Marketing Group.

Direct Mail Findings:

•    Adding a promotional product to a mail promotion increased the response rate by 50%.
•    The use of a promotional product as an incentive to respond generated four times as many responses as a sales letter alone.
•    The use of a promotional product as an incentive to respond reduced the cost per response by two-thirds.
•    The study was conducted in 1992 with 1,482 businesses divided into three groups. Each group received either a personalized sales letter, a sales letter plus a promotional product or a sales letter with the offer of a promotional product incentive.

Note:  While Trigger Direct did not participate in this campaign, we believe this information to valuable and factual.